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Do you calibrate the angle of the torque converter in both directions?

Yes, thanks to the cooperation with an accredited laboratory, we can perform such calibration.

Do you work with one laboratory only?

No. Our cooperation is not restricted to one laboratory. We work with laboratories both in the European Union and around the world.

I have several eletric and torque wrenches to calibrate. Do you issue calibration certificates?

With each calibration, an appropriate certificate is issued, and we calibrate both torque wrenches and electric wrenches.

Do you perform accredited calibration of measuring instruments?

Yes, we do. We perform accredited calibration of measuring instruments of all types.

I need to prepare a custom jig / fixture. Can you help me?

Of course! All you need to do is contact us by email at or by phone at + 48 733 242 272.

Do you service electric, electronic or pneumatic wrenches including angle measurement?

Yes, we service and repair electric and electronic wrenches and some pneumatic wrenches, also with angle measurement. If you want to know more, send us a message or call us.

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